1. Start With Why

Before you shop and before you dress or groom yourself ask yourself "why?". What is the purpose? What is the occasion? What is your desired end result? Your style exists to serve you, to assist you with achieving your short term and long term goals.

2. Be Courageous

As a King, it's your responsibility to courageously execute whatever task needs to be done. With style, sometimes that means fitting in when you normally like to stand out. And sometimes it means you need to stand out when you normally like to fit in. Ultimately, your "why" will determine what it is that you need to do. Your commitment to your "why" should trump any fears that you may have.


3. Stay Within Budget

I can't stress this rule enough. Stay within your budget!! No matter how much your outfit costs, you can not lie to yourself. You know what's in your bank account and faking it until you make it only negatively effects you in the long run. People may like who you present yourself to be but deep down you'll know they like your representative, and they aren't too invested in you. Faking it can lead to all sorts of emotional damages that can ultimately be avoided. And on a more shallow note, you can only wear a certain outfit but so many times. Style isn't rooted in designer labels, it's rooted in individuality and personality. Be you, but within your budget.

4. Invest in Timeless Clothing

This rule may seem to contradict the previous rule but it doesn't, it compliments it. Style isn't about rushing to the mall to buy whatever is trendy for the season. Style is about knowing yourself and expressing yourself accordingly. In doing so, you will be able to find timeless pieces that you can wear for a long time. Some pieces will even increase in value over time. Unlike trendy pieces that you can only wear during it's time of hype which also depreciates quickly. Investing in timeless pieces allows you to hold on to your individuality as well as be a good steward over your finances.


5. Learn What Looks Good on You

Take time to discover what looks good on you. Be courageous enough to experiment. Try on different colors and pay attention to how they make you feel and look. Learn your size and be aware of how things fit on you. Pay attention to people's compliments and listen to other people's critiques on your style but remember that as a King the final say is yours.

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6. Switch It Up

Be aware of where you spend most of your time OR where you would like to spend most of your time. Invest in pieces that can be used for more than one type of occasion. For instance, you can wear a blazer with dress pants to an important business meeting and you can also throw on that same blazer with some jeans and head to a family gathering or a date. Invest in pieces that can be used interchangeably will also help you stay within your budget.


7. Make A Statement

Spend some time finding pieces that will start conversations. These pieces could be watches, jewelry, or any other accessory you desire. If you are intentional and you choose pieces that you connect with on a deeper level it'll give you leverage to start random conversations with strangers and develop relationships smoothly.

About the author:

Jay Julien is a Curator of Culture, servant leader, lifetime student and an advocate of Love. Jay believes that love can Counter Culture and eradicate every social ill. Jay is on a mission to build stronger families and communities by empowering Men and leading culture into a wealthy consciousness.